We would like to mention that most of our bookings in case of cancellations are non-refundable. Only in exceptional circumstances where our customer claims of getting a better deal for the same services with same itinerary at same flights/destinations through another site, can this policy be modified and the customer thereby can claim for a refund. This situation will be subject to verification.

If you make any reservations or bookings through our website then it shall be considered as your agreement towards the conditions mentioned in our policy.

Conditions for claiming this refund includes:

  • Refund to be claimed within four hours of the booking.
  • Both travel itineraries have tobe entirely in complete duplication with each other.
  • The lower priced itinerary has to be available for everyone for being purchased on-line at the time of claiming the refund.

If all the above-mentioned conditions post verification stands valid then the customer shall be asked to submit the following documents with all details in reference to the lower priced offer-

  • Arrival & Departure dates
  • Time & Location
  • Reservation class
  • Flight price ticket Charges
  • Type of chamber (with charges) - if any
  • Type of Cab Rentals (with charges) - if any

Our team thereby shall substantiate the validity of the most facts provided. Once verified and approved, your claim shall be processed for a refund. The customer can either request to adjust the excess charges on the same order or can request for a complete cancellations and full refund. In case the customer wishes for a complete cancellation, he shall contact the Support Team on the number provided at our website.

Call (800) 891-7698