We proclaim that we shall always safeguard the privacy of our customers and will never use any personal details of our customers/clients for any offendable purposes. Our Privacy Policy applies on our websites, social sites, applications, emails, voice calls and text messages.

If you make any reservations or bookings through our website then it shall be considered as your agreement towards the conditions mentioned in our policy.

Purpose of this privacy policy

  • Identity knowledge - This includes Identity knowledge like a first/ middle/ family name, alias, communication address, distinctive personal symbol, date of birth, Web Protocol Id, or alternative similar identifiers.
  • Contact knowledge - This includes (billing address, delivery address, email address and phone numbers).
  • Business knowledge - This includes requested quotes, product or services purchased and also the details of mode of purchase.
  • Geolocation data - (your origin, country, state or city).
  • Audio Records - Electronic data (e.g., email threads) or Call data.
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